Systems of law originally established by the Ottoman empire. World history AP (2109420) 13 Documents. Test. Spain exchanged extensively from North and South America, and exchanged for coal, iron, and grain silver and gold. AP WRLD. -forbid intermarriage cultural, Political-All 3 autocratic ruler with authority based on both military prowess and religious piety Confucian principles considered the honest work of peasants more worthy of respect than the profit-based trade of merchants, who were viewed as less worthy because they did not actually create tangible products. labor systems -increased agricultural production as the result of irrigation and fertilizer Which Russian leader ultimately refuesedto pay tribute to the mongols? 2.disease WebAP World History Modern Unit 4 1450-1750 (Maritime Empires) 4.8 (25 reviews) Term 1 / 35 Charters Click the card to flip Definition 1 / 35 Documents granting the right to organize Name:______ _________________________________________ Period:_______, Unit 4: Sea-Based Empires Comparison 1450-1750, Spain used income from churches to expand imperial, influence, seized leverage from church appointments, and, Portugal used an empire of men governed by rulers. Political slaves, Most distinctive feature of the new colonial societies in Mexico and Peru. they served as either bereaucrats of infantryment. Land based- Ottoman, Mughal, Russia, Ming governments controlled lands by building armies, bureaucracies, road, canals, and walls that unified and protected. Remembered because his voyage and slavery and devastation was so impactful, boundary between Spanish and Portuguese territories in the New World- orchestrated by the pope to settle dispute between Spain and Portugal. -commanded the greatest ottoman assault on Europe WebUnit 4: sea based empires Term 1 / 32 European Exploration Click the card to flip Definition 1 / 32 -inspired by Renaissance -desire for new sources of wealth -desire for trade over the Silk Road that distributed spices and other goods, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Western Europe and Silk Road, Main factor that caused growth of land based empires, Two kinds of charts inherited from Greeks, An instrument used by sailors to determine their location by observing the position of the stars and planets. The rise in the surface temperature of the earth over time. Ottoman only empire with both powerful army and navy; Mughal and Safavid only army creation of an empire, as esponged in the passage. The seal of Suleiman. Rooted in the gender imbalance of the Spanish 7 men to 1 woman. Discouraged child marriage and sati What occurred during Ivan IV (the terrible)'s reign? With low wages, high taxes and large debts to landowners, the peons who worked the estates had little control over their lives, peninsulares-Spanish born in Spain The English colonies had another type of labor called indentured servitude. Spain- had few manufactured goods to sell. Which European nation participated least in mercantilism and why? social-LA more single men came as soldiers who married natives; NA more gamilies came so less intermarriage Soil erosion due to grazing and diseases transmitted from them. Entirely based on the video. We, participated in the triangular Atlantic trading network, too. Innovations What technologies did this empire utilize or develop to establish and maintain their sea- based empire? Caravel ship for long and fast travel Galleon ships for silver trade across the pacific Mercury used to separate silver which increased its profitability Coffee Over centuries, what had happened to maps of the stars? what was the elite military unit of the Ottoman sultans? In renaissance starting to recognize glory in the human "humanism", Chief consequence of Europeans in americas, Demographic collapse of na societies B) educated WebUnit 4: Sea-Based Empires Comparison Guided Reading Flashcards | Quizlet Unit 4: Sea-Based Empires Comparison Guided Reading Term 1 / 24 spain: government Click the The development of colonies became very attractive during this era. Portuguese The Treaty of Tordesillas-which established a line of demarcation on a longitudinal line that runs through the western Atlantic Ocean. Became an exploitative regime close to slavery. Since fluyts were built for trade, how did that affect how the Dutch handled fluyts? -adopted chinese language and bureaucasy. Match. How was the magnetic compass able to tell direction? It involved military reform, social reform and bureaucratic reform. Which religion did Spain hope to spread in its American colonies? Compare/contrast colonies in latin america and north america. - a sea-based empire. How did he act to lessen Hindu restrictions on women? -Built very expensively and required large crews to sail them. 1. superior weaponry Peter insisted that women appear in his court unveiled and dressed as european women Briefly research that detail. - Foods brought to the Americas by slaves 2. all patriarchies Individuals entering the workforce must. necessary new technology to support it. -The Horse changed the way of life of the North American indians, especially on the plains a Spanish naval invasion force sent against England by Philip II of Spain in 1588. Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China (1451-1506) In the 15th and 16th centuries, three great powers arose in a band across western and southern Asia. Research to Clarify Choose at least one unfamiliar detail from the text. In 1494 Portugal and Spain were already fighting over land in the newly found Americas. What are some advantages of a caravel compared to other ships? Hacienda-owners of large estates directly employed native workers. Established reforms to "westernize Russia", Peter the Great had a program to westernize Russia. This increased their defense while in the seas. -not known for technological innovation in their quest to preserve their Chinese identity- they took little notice of technological advances in other parts of the world they attempted to not import more than it exported thus creating a favorable balance of trade.The exportation of finished goods was favored over extractive industries like farming.The modern age brought the rise of powerful nation-states (Holland, France, Spain, and England) and was marked by almost constant warfare. The Kingdom of Oman had forts set up along the Indian Ocean trade route, and Europe wanted the forts to be removed, so a rivalry began. What is a maritime empire? Give specific examples. Empires based on sea travel. Some examples include Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, and Holland. Who was Prince Henry the Navigator? What did he do? It gave them a competitive advantage in maritime trade. Ships that could combine square and lateen sails successfully could do what? Which empire ousted the mongols in China? They. the old Inca mita system which required adult male Amerindians to work or Spanish masters. the western side was enormous (they did not know how large it was when the treaty was signed). A license issued by the Portuguese that permitted non-Portuguese traders to operate in areas of the Indian Ocean controlled by the Portuguese. Unit 4 Sea-Based Empires. Why were merchants considered to have the lower status than peasants and artisans? Akbar Some examples include Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, and Holland. Invented within China during the 9th century, this substance was became the dominate military technology used to expand European and Asian empires by the 15th century. I admire Bobby Fischer, ________I've never met. begins to explore new lands and discover new technology. -They could build these ships for about half the cost of older ships. Flashcards. mulattos- european and african ancestry If you have trouble sleeping, you are in good company: About 50 million American adults suffer from sleep deprivation. all large bureaucracies Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) A mixed race population between Spanish men and native women. It was defeated by the English fleet and almost completely destroyed by storms off the Hebrides. native labor force- LA Amerindians forced into labor; NA Amerindians pushed aside and not used as labor source Refocus on classics (Greek and roman), Egg shell paint vs oil paint It determined the ships north-south position based on the measurements of the stars. WebUnit 4 APWH Study Guide and Graphic Organizers Flashcards Learn Test Match Flashcards Learn Test Match Created by fallacychan Revolutions and Imperialism, 1750 University: WebUnit 4 Topic 1: Technological Innovations in Sea-Based Empires (Heimler's History) Flashcards | Quizlet Unit 4 Topic 1: Technological Innovations in Sea-Based Empires In terms of technology, how advanced were the Muslims compared to the Europeans? Bubonic plague -If they were needed for battle, they could be easily converted into a warship Ferdinand and Isabella unify Spain; rely heavily on the slave trade, as well. 1. -showed his (1394-1460) Prince of Portugal who established an observatory and school of navigation at Sagres and directed voyages that spurred the growth of Portugal's colonial empire. -ruled as head of state and church thus increasing the influence of the church, recruited peasants who Ivan III used to settle in new territories in exchange for their freedom from serfdom. b) began to challenge the Churchs teachings. WebAP World History Unit 4 Labor Systems 1450-1750 4.6 (13 reviews) Term 1 / 6 Chattel Slavery Click the card to flip Definition 1 / 6 Absolute legal ownership of another person, Learn. WebStudy with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Treaty of Tordesillas, h. cortez (conquistador), Spanish quest for gold and silver and more. How did he try to placate the Hindu majority? New ships. WebStudy with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Maritime, Why did European powers have a hard time establsihing trade for themselves in the Indian Empires based on sea travel. Some examples include Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, and Holland. Who was Prince Henry the Navigator? What did he do? Portuguese ruler who greatly encouraged maritime exploration and funded many explorations along Africa's coast. How did caravels improve maritime technology? To find another route to Asia, where did Europeans begin to look? government Web1 / 32. -Sea based empires were spurred by gun powder. How did the spanish explorer cortes defeat the aztecs although his spanish were outnumbered? Married several Hindu princesses and did not require tgem to convert to Islam Earn refunds Increased information Quicker payments Increased funding, With the rising cost of college, many people are exploring apprenticeships as an alternative path for acquiring the skills necessary for future employment. Bureaucratic eform-In order to pay for military, he improved the infrastructure and bureaucracy to more efficiently collect taxes and encourage industrial production What countries bought slaves from Benin in the, 1)Calculate the enthalpy for this reaction: 2C(s) + H2(g) ---> C2H2(g)H = ??? They did not follow the Spanish colonial pattern of sharp class hierarchy, large rural estates and dependent workers. It gave sailors the ability to know the exact direction they were headed. Some causes, such as drinking caffeine in the evening, are avoidable. Incorporated substantial number of Hindus into the ruling elite They also built a new ship. Decision made by the pope Split South America, with the Eastern side going to Portugal and the western side going to Spain. WebUnit 4: Sea-Based Empires Comparison 1450-Spain Portugal. On the line provided, write who or whom to complete the sentence correctly. New England colonists were independent heads of family farms very different from England were land was owned by nobles and worked by tenants. -established cossacks Measles Safavid and Mughal- inland capitals so not well situated for controlling trade Academic year: 2022/2023. However, mercantilism also led to inflation and alienation in the colonies. native americans Unit 4 Topic 6: Challenges to State Power (He, Technological Innovations in Sea-Based Empire, Unit 4 Topic 2: Exploration: Causes and Event, Unit 4 Topic 3: The Columbian Exchange (Heiml, Unit 4 Topic 4: Maritime Empires Established, Deborah Gray White, Edward L. Ayers, Jess F. de la Teja, Robert D. Schulzinger, Flashcard:Active Stack Pharmacology Flash Ca. Janissaries -encouraged use of western technology such as cannons and firearms -They could sail the fluyts with smaller crews Replaced by repartimiento. B. Central issue was religion Mughals and 20% of population were Muslim, most of rest hindu What did he do? WebEmpires based on sea travel. when the ottomans conquered the the balkans, they instituted a system known as devshirme -trade contact was limited to a few Dutch and Portuguese traders (they found the portuguese behavior so offensive they restricted them to one port Macao) Which two countries contributed the most to new maritime technology during the period 1450-1750? Identify the correct term or person from the chapter that best fits the following description. cultural- all muslim-Safavid where shiite Flashcards. Disease decimated 90% of the population D) trustworthy. -refused tribute to Mongols government-LA authoritatian, NA more independence from king home countries had assemblies Social reform- ordered the boyars to dress like Europeans, thus abandoning their bearskin capes and beards (by tradition boyars grew their beards without shaving) Explored south America and realized the continent was not part of asia. Previous empires (romans, mongals, muslims)-Empires either allowed existing cultural traditions to remain intact or converted the native population to their way of life. Review and, Which three of the following are advantages of using the Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card? Learn. Used for battle. School McKinney High School (Texas) Course. Explain, Military reform-increased size of army by recruiting peasants and increasing pay Adawgg7. unit 4. Sugar What inventions aided the onset of exploration? At the time, most legal systems were based on religious laws. Muslims controlled most of the land and many of the ports the trade routes pass through. What was one of the most significant ways land-based empires expanded? Choose the choice that best summarizes the flow of events that lead to the WebUnit 3-4 Sea Based Empires. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Wealth could be kept by a nation if its colonies provided raw materials to the mother country and the mother country could sell finished goods to the colonies. Test. social hierarchy- LA strict, based on ethnicity; NA- hierarchal in south (black vs white) less rigid in north. -They were fast (thanks to combo of square and lateen sails) Britain becomes the new super power, - spread of diseases (smallpox, measles, flu) Deforestation and soil depletion Unit 4 Sea-Based Empires Graphic These were independent religious and ethnic communities that were allowed to govern themselves according to their own laws.In exchange, these religious minorities pledged allegiance to the Ottoman rulers and swore to defend the Empire in case of attack. The safavid empire and ottoman have common beginnings and religion, what are they? Eventual to bacco plantations in the south, -Pigs, cows, and horses were the most important animals passed to North and South America Whom\underline{\text{Whom}}Whom are you going to the dance with Friday night? Flashcards. What was the impact in England and in its colonies of mercantilism? C. The search for resources yields new lands and colonization and the Russia's economic system was based on feudalism with the nobility called the boyars holding land worked by serfs. Typhus In what way does the information you learned shed light on an aspect of the historical account? Supported building of Hindu mosques, palaces and forts Torrential rains in Caribbean provided increase in mosquitoes that carried yellow fever and malaria. 3. Economic and Social -before Peter, woman folloed the byzantine custom of secluding themselves at home and wearing veils. - Increase in European population- better nutrition 3. help from enemies In 1497-1498 he led the first naval expedition from Europe to sail to India, opening an important commercial sea route. - European foods to Americas as cash crops, exploitation of labor A 1494 agreement between Portugal and Spain, declaring that newly discovered lands to the west of an imaginary line in the Atlantic Ocean would belong to Spain and newly discovered lands to the east of the line would belong to Portugal.

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