Scott hits the mark with the Genius 920. The first step for our Scott Spark RC project, and the easiest way to add speed to any bike, was to fit faster-rolling tyres. In flip-chip interconnects, many tiny copper bumps are formed on top of a chip. It was probably a 70/30 split. This layout places the shock weight lower and enables a stiffer junction between the down tube, main pivot and bottom bracket to enhance chassis stiffness. We were struck by the comparatively short stack height of 613 mm, which together with the Syncros Hixon cockpit becomes a defining factor in the Genius handling. It is more adaptable overall though thanks to its Mino Link and the lower shock flip chip. We say this since many modern 150-160mm travel bikes tend to be designed for heavy duty enduro riding. Pads are metallized on the chips and solder balls are placed on each pad. And the design of the integrated stem and headset means that if you do lower the bar height, youll need to chop the fork steerer down to achieve a flush fit. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information for mountain bikes on MTB Database. Along with the fact that the cables dont route through the headset, the Fuel EX is no doubt the more mechanic-friendly option. And unlike traditional geometry flip chips, this adjustment is done independently of the seat angle and BB height. Its more XC-feeling than almost any other trail bike, even in its 150mm-travel, fully open Descend mode. Thankfully all the cables were well managed on our test bikes. Enabling these rides are two versions, an MX mullet 27/29 and a 29er version each with its own rear triangle to keep geometry consistent. Become an ENDURO supporter and lets shape the bike scene together and make mountain biking even better! The componentry of the 2,999 bike is low-end but functional, bringing the total weight to 14.50 kg. It allows you to quickly and easily adapt the suspension on-the-fly, with settings that are optimised for climbing and descending. Ive been on some pretty wet rides lately and its yet to be an issue, though I can see this bridge getting gunked up in muddier conditions. Flip chip is a gimmick. Included in the box with the bike is an extra set of cups that offer a neutral position, delivering you three different head angles from the one frame. The result is a different ride experience out of the same chassis, which will likely appeal to more aggressive riders who are less fazed by lockouts and more interested in descending performance. Become a supporter now! Size / SM (low, high), MD (low, high), LG (low, high), XL (low, high), - VLK Virtual 4 Link rear suspension design, - Scott TwinLoc TSP system provides three suspension modes (Lockout, Traction Control, Descend) for shock and fork via handlebar-mounted remote, - Rear travel by mode: Lockout 0mm; Traction Control 100mm; Descend 150mm, - Compatible with 27.5+ wheels (geometry adjustable via flip chip at upper shock mount), - Includes SRAM AXS Powerpack battery charger. How much pop does it have, does it suck up the riders input or is it supportive, and how agile and direct is the bike?, We dont calculate value for money in an excel spreadsheet or based on how high-end a bike is specced. The alloy Syncros Revelstoke wheels are also heavier, weighing in at 1,960g on the workshop scales. Uphill-downhill ratio: 30:70, Strictly speaking, a 200 mm travel downhill bike is the best choice for merciless tracks with big jumps, drops and the roughest terrain. In our case we received a Fox 34 Step-Cast for testing, which would prove to be a useful piece of of our Spark RC puzzle. It feels crisp, sporty and light on its feet. Aug 14, 2019 #1 in short: flip the chip to get a higher bottom bracket and more nimble steering -------------------- the story in case you aren't already getting your 6 and 5 mm Allen key I just came back from a 1000km holiday in the Auvergne, with my 2019 Levo S-Works i used it for 4000km in total Its a more capable bike than its predecessor thanks to the improved geometry and suspension performance. Thankfully we found the stock position to work well and had no complaints from the sweep profile of the one-piece Syncros Hixon iC cockpit. When it does come time to servicing, the shock itself is surprisingly easy to remove. Unfortunately, this means that the FOX 36 has to make do with the more basic FIT4 damper. WebFlip-chip is an interconnect scheme, providing connections from one die to another die or a die to a board. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. WebNorth Bergen Map. While I quite like the supple feel of the EXO casing combined with the CushCore insert, harder riders may want to consider upgrading to a burlier EXO+ or DoubleDown tyre on the rear, and a slightly narrower 2.4-2.5in width would be a good idea given the lack of clearance. Its also a couple of degrees more tipped-back than other similar bikes, placing rider weight fairly rearward. These use a softer compound and a zoned tread pattern that gives them decent traction without being bulky. Although all youre getting is a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain and low-end Shimano brakes, both of these components perform well enough without any obvious weak points. The only caveat is that there are far fewer Genius ST models to choose from, and theyre not exactly cheap. The new 2023 SCOTT Solace (Gravel) eRIDE A gravel ebike with soul? It is totally reliant on the remote, and you need to make regular use of it to get the full performance out of the bike. The TwinLoc system is hardly a new thing, having been a key part of the Genius since its inception back in 2003. We dont see the need for a lockout mechanism on the fork and would have preferred the added performance of a GRIP2 damper instead. A cycling community enthusiastic about mountain biking and all things related. Standing for Super Trail, the Genius ST utilises the same frame, wheelsize and suspension travel as the regular Genius. Let us know with the form below. So the notch needs to be at the back for the steep position, and at the front for the slack position. In terms of the geometry and suspension design however, the chassis is identical between the two models. There is less leverage and stability though, and the lower bar position puts more of your weight over the front wheel too. Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only). We are more concerned with how a bike performs on the trail and how the bike benefits the rider. Bottom-out control is superb thanks to the progressive suspension design, and even with the Nude 5T shock on the regular Genius, I never hit full travel. But, if youre prepared to stand up and mash the pedals, it absolutely rips uphill and along singletrack under hard power. Its lighter, offers a more aggressive riding position, and comes with faster-rolling tyres. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that. In theory, this should keep the lubrication oil and seals in better condition, so it requires less maintenance in the long run. I know a lot of bikes And while the stock Syncros Silverton 2.0 wheelset on our Spark 910 has performed pretty well, with a confirmed weight of 1,956g there was plenty of scope to go lighter. Most of the Spark RC models come fitted with a 100mm stroke Fox Transfer SL dropper post, which is nearly 200g lighter than the 125mm stroke Fox Transfer that comes on our Spark 910 test bike (353g vs 542g). and our Just as supposedly cheap bikes with good components can get a bad rating if they dont deliver on the trail., No, its not about racing, its about efficiency. Shock FOX FLOAT EVOL Performance 150 mm Each model since has been purpose-built around a multi-mode suspension system, and to get the most out of the bike, you really need to embrace it. Image Download. Just as supposedly cheap bikes with good components can get a bad rating if they dont deliver on the trail., No, its not about racing, its about efficiency. Its a relatively cheap/easy fix if thats a big issue though. The Spark 910 comes stock with 2.4in wide Schwalbe Wicked Wills, which are brilliant tyres for rapid trail riding. View more images in the Genius 920 gallery. Through little holes and compressions, the Scott feels playful and poppy. Locating pins help to secure the cups in the head tube, though the markings on the cups are somewhat vague as to which position youre in. The SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned is a perennial contender of our group tests. If a bike is unbalanced, the rider has to work hard to weight the front wheel to generate enough grip. The rating includes the fork and the rear suspension., This aspect mainly comes down to the suspension. The SCOTT Genius 950 is a good all-rounder, showing its strengths particularly on the climbs and on fast, flowing trails. Bear in mind that these tools serve as a guide and simply provide a general indication. Once you get used to the TwinLoc remote however, it becomes an effective tool that youll be using all the time on every ride. The beauty about the Genius ST is that Scott has simply specd the bike this way from the get-go. The shock isnt fully locked out, but it does provide a very firm feel to the rear suspension, which is ideal for fireroads and smoother climbing sections. leather cuff bracelet near me; short sleeve flowy midi dress; drill powered flaring tool All Spark models are specd with lock-on grips, though foam grips will save a few more grams while offering a little more squishiness to help fight long-distance fatigue. Theyre a bit chunky for XC racing though, so we fitted a pair of Maxxis tyres in their place. In comparison, the Genius is a bike that is decidedly more of an all-rounder. The 2022 Scott Genius 900 Tuned AXS may be purchased directly from Scott. 60,773. This uses a new push-button release system, which is a notable improvement over the twist-lock design used on the Spark, which tends to stiffen up when it gets packed with dirt. Compare that to the old frame, which was claimed to weigh 2,249gincluding the shock. Climbing is just a means to an end. WebAt a glance. For an in-depth look at these high-zoot hoops, check out our DT Swiss XRC 1501 review. I set the rebound lever halfway through its stroke with 7/15 clicks. It was no less than five years ago when the current version of the Scott Genius was unveiled. That means theres no way to account for the change in BB height if you wanted to run a mullet setup with a 27.5in rear wheel, and so Scott doesnt recommend it. Having changed to the 120mm travel fork, the seat angle does get a lick steeper, going from 75.9 to 76.1. On more demanding terrain, the bike lacks the necessary composure. While I was at it, I also weighed the Nude 5T shock (394g), and one of the Maxxis Dissectors (1,033g). Easy access port for cables or a Shimano Di2 battery doubles as a bash guard. WebFlip Chips are manufactured with a wafer level process that STMicroelectronics has developed by attaching solder bumps on I/O pads of the active wafer side, thus allowing bumped dice to be produced. We found Traction mode to be ideal for technical climbs, seeing as its capable of generating sufficient traction on loose ground. The Genius is a fleet-footed and willing climber, efficiently transferring the power from your legs to the rear wheel excellent! Of course you can slacken out the head angle, and you could also beef up the build if you were simply riding for fun versus competition. A matching Syncros stem melds with a plastic sheath to provide a seriously clean and stealthy front end, irrespective of our thoughts on this routing method. - Lively & light-footed ride quality Save 25% + DMR Trail Gloves + DeathGrips when you subscribe to MBUK magazine, *Spring Savings* Try 6 issues of Cycling Plus for just 9.99 | Save 74% today, Tech-equipped do-it-all thats well-priced and versatile, if a little conservative to ride, GBP 6,599.00 RRP Due to the long seat tube, the Genius, unfortunately, doesnt offer enough room for longer dropper posts and comes fitted with a 150 mm FOX Transfer Factory dropper as standard. Having experienced our test bike as both a Spark and a Spark RC, which bike would we recommend? The stock Genius comes specced with a shallow-treaded, 2.6 MAXXIS Rekon tire on the rear and a Dissector upfront, though unfortunately, our test bike came with Rekon tires both front and back. The shocks themselves are manufactured in partnership with Fox or RockShox, and feature a twin-chamber design for the positive air spring. Indeed with the extra ground clearance and the steep seat angle putting you in a comfortable pedalling position, there are very few trails the Genius cant winch its way up. WebSCOTT Genius 950 Bike Model : 286298 Key Features Genius Alloy SL Frame Marzocchi Z2 Air 150mm Fork X-Fusion Nude, TwinLoc, 150mm SRAM NX-X1 Eagle 12 Speed Climbing? With its bright orange paint job, futuristic one-piece Syncros Hixon cockpit and the deep Syncros Revelstoke carbon wheels, it looks as fast as a speeding bullet. WebFor quick-turn prototyping, Integra is unsurpassed in producing highly complex products such as Flip Chip or wirebonded BGA or chip-scale devices with thousands of bumps or wire bonds. When trails were interspersed with rough or techy situations, I was inclined to leave the bike wide open and rely on its improved kinematics to maintain efficient power output. While you dont get Nino Schurters power with the SCOTT Genius 950, what you do get is one of the most efficient trail bikes in its class. Thats because the whole bike is designed around you utilising the middle Traction Control mode to provide the snappy pedalling response needed for XC racing duties. Just looking at it, theres no guessing what the SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned AXS is all about: speed (uphill)! As well as tinkering in bike development, hes ridden, raced and documented mountain biking non-stop for two decades, and is one of only a handful of bike testers experienced enough to have hundreds of reviews in print and on the web. Along with the suspension, the riding position and the weight of the bike all play a crucial role., How does the bike ride and descend? With its striking silhouette and space-efficient suspension design, the new Scott Genius is a remarkable feat of engineering. Your email address will not be published. We interpret XC more like the Americans do: big back-country rides instead of a marathon or XC World Cup with the ultimate in lightweight construction! Theres quite a bit more to it than that though. Fork FOX 36 FLOAT Factory FIT4Rear Shock FOX Nude TRSeatpost FOX Transfer Factory 150 mmBrakes Shimano XT 200/180 mmDrivetrain SRAM X01 Eagle AXS 32/10-50Stem Syncros Hixon iC SL 50Handlebar 780 mmWheelset Syncros Revelstoke 1.0Tires MAXXIS Dissector / MAXXIS Rekon EXO 2,6, Size S M L XLWeight 12,84 kgWheelsize 29"Travel (f/r) 150/150 mm. Compared to the Wicked Wills, the Maxxis tyre combo is much quicker off the mark, with significantly lower rolling resistance. The FIT4 damper isnt as tuneable, and its less composed on more violent impacts, but once bedded in its offered great sensitivity and comfort. Also designed for technical trail riding, the Fuel EX has a little less travel with a 150mm fork and 140mm at the rear. Tuning tip: mount a bar with more rise | more robust and narrower tires | possibly less stiff wheels. More importantly, it rides bloody well. It possesses great natural efficiency thanks to its high main pivot, which increases anti-squat. The suspension kinematic features a mostly straight-progressive leverage rate, which is a little less curvy than the old bike. Given how hot the mullet trend is at the moment, this is a curious omission. Its also possible to fit a smaller 160mm rear rotor, though youll need a new adapter, which is a Scott-specific item for this frame. The SCOTT Genius 950 is unstoppable on the climbs compared with the other bikes in the test field. With this in mind, instead of getting in a whole new test bike, we decided to take our existing Spark 910 and turn it into a Spark RC. On the contrary, in the case of flip chip bonding, which is a more advanced method, small bumps called solder balls are attached to the pad of the chip. Compared to a Shimano equivalent, the clutch in the AXS derailleur isnt as strong, leading to more chain slap on big compressions. Trek has designed the latest Fuel EX to be efficient and supportive, with no need for a remote lockout or regular toggling of compression levers. The 1.2kg overall weight reduction is plenty noticeable. In addition to running a shorter fork on the Scott Spark RC, its also possible to adjust the bikes head angle via the modular headset cups. Up front is a Rekon Race, and on the rear is an Aspen. Heres how the complete bikes come set up from the factory; Regardless of which model you have, changing the head angle is a pretty straightforward process. The savings have been spread pretty evenly across the wheels, fork and cockpit. With all the upgrades to our Scott Spark RC project bike, its no surprise that the number on the scales has come down. However, once you add in the two different fork options, there are actually six possible head angles with the Spark. WebYoull find a flip chip on each side of the rear dropout that can be set to a long or short position. Indeed its all very muscly and oversized down there. The I/O contact layout can be either matrix shape or set in periphery. Theres a brand new piggyback shock and Scott will also be rolling out a new Genius ST model that many of you are going to be very interested in. This features an extra large air can that provides the plushest performance possible for maximum grip and control. WebThere will be seven Scott Genius models coming into Australia for 2023. While the suspension is firmer and the rear travel is limited to 100mm, you still get decent traction, which is complemented by the big volume Dissector on the rear. What good are the best components if the bike doesnt perform well on the trail? No comments on this bike yet. Heres how the frame weights (without shock) compare between all three; Far more exciting than counting grams, is the introduction of the new Genius ST. Along with the stiff chassis, the ride is quite a bit firmer and transmits more feedback to the rider. The chip name and part number are the main useful details it will output. Compared to a modern Specialized or Trek, replacing a cable on the Genius will be a more time-consuming affair. The suspension cant keep up in demanding terrain, transferring fast, hard hits to the rider. For the full story, check out our Scott Spark review. The high volume 2.4in rubber does add a good deal of compliance to help in these situations, but if things are especially choppy and Im not riding as aggressively, Ill sometimes climb in the Descend mode. With that in mind, I fitted a CushCore Pro insert for the rear wheel to bolster pinch-flat protection. The shorter 120mm fork is easily the most obvious difference between the Scott Spark RC and the regular Spark. The Fox suspension is smooth, with a calm, almost floaty, feel over the kind of bumps youd expect to find on trails, rather than enduro tracks. The Minion DHF on the front of the Genius ST improves cornering stability further, offering more grip for technical trail riding. There are two lighter carbon frames that are featured on the higher-end models; the HMX and the HMX-SL. In these moments Ive been glad to have access to that plush Descend setting on the Spark RC. I know a lot of bikes say you're able to run the chip how ever you want with either wheel size but scott really only mentions running it in the high position if you're switching to 27.5. The rear end is much firmer and more responsive, giving the Spark RC a similarly tight and energetic feel as the short travel Trek Supercaliber. - Tight rear tyre clearance On flowing trails, the bike goes like a rocket, with the compact frame and the agile handling making it a lot of fun to ride. Clearance is unusually tight in the rear though, both at the seatstay bridge and in between the chainstays. The answer to that question simply boils down to how much racing youre doing, and how seriously youre taking it. Thedynamic seat angle feels even steeper when you select the Traction Control mode, putting your hips further over the BB when youre heading uphill. Scott distanced the Genius from enduro with a brighter climbing, lighter weight component spec, and reigned in the Geniuss tire widths slightly to broaden its As well as integrating the dropper post lever, the TwinLoc remote allows riders to toggle between three distinct suspension modes on-the-fly. Plush suspension not only provides comfort and makes a bike more capable, but it also generates traction. In the Descend position the valve is open, creating a large air volume for maximum plushness for the 120mm of rear travel. For that reason, many Genius and Ransom owners out there have modified their bikes by removing the TwinLoc cable from the fork in order to fit a GRIP2 damper. Overall it achieves a great balance for all-round trail riding, and we love that there is such a distinct difference in attitude between the remote-activated suspension modes. The noise annoyed me enough that I removed it entirely. The Genius mercilessly converts the riders input into propulsion whether youre pedalling or pumping! Mick typically used this mode whenever he wasnt descending, as it helps to provide a tighter and more energetic feel at the pedals. Along with the suspension, the riding position and the weight of the bike all play a crucial role., How does the bike ride and descend? The latest on mountain bikes delivered straight to your mailbox. As such, it features a piggyback reservoir and adjustable low-speed compression damping. The regular Genius comes with the cups set in the steep position to provide a 65.1 head angle, while the Genius ST flips the cups into the slack position to deliver a 63.9 head angle. Of course it also has the lockout function, and for many riders thats a must-have feature. By becoming a supporter of ENDURO, you will help secure a sustainable future for high-quality mountain bike journalism. Needless to say, your left thumb gets a total workout on this bike. Question regarding the flip chip on my 2021 scott genius. - Ridiculously plush for an XC race bike Fork travel has grown slightly to 160mm, though it still features 150mm of rear wheel travel and a four-bar suspension design. In its race bike form, the Scott Spark RC is perfectly suited to the demands of modern XC riding. WebThe genius comes with 29er wheels and the chip in the low position but I'm curious if its able to run the chip in the high position while still using the 29s? Ive had no issues with the plastic headset cups either, and admittedly the whole system is really well designed and put together. In addition to the different fork and shock, the Genius ST models are also specd with a meatier front tyre. I rode with it in low Indium Corporation is a world leader in the design, formulation, manufacture and supply of semiconductor-grade fluxes and associated materials, enabling 2.5 and 3D assembly processes, as well as more standard flip-chip assembly. The hidden shock might seem like a bit of an industrial design gimmick, but the compact arrangement provides clearance to run two bottles, and I like that the shock is tucked away from dirt, dust and degreasers. Webpearl and diamond drop earrings; diesel fuel pressure test kit; best natural body soap. All that is required of using ChipGenius is to make sure that the USB devices in question have been connected to the computer. While we love what the TwinLoc system brings to the party, on longer travel bikes it creates limitations when it comes to the fork damper. On that note, were not overly thrilled with this trend of routing cables through the headset on a mountain bike, but with the number of other brands adopting this design, it seems we may be fighting a losing battle. And with the latest Scott Spark arriving last year, the Swiss brand heralded an entirely new design era for its full suspension mountain bikes. In their place weve fitted a DT Swiss XRC 1501 wheelset. Besides, the MAXXIS Rekon tires dont hold their line well enough they are definitely worth an upgrade. The eye-to-eye length and 45mm stroke are identical, so it still produces 120mm of rear travel. Our test fork tips the scales at a lick over 1,500g, making this a seriously lightweight 120mm fork. ), also known as mountain biking. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience possible. The paddles themselves have a nice and light action, though it does take a few rides to get used to their position so that youre not accidentally hitting the dropper post lever, or vice versa. They offer too little grip in wet conditions and on soft ground and dont leave enough clearance in the rear triangle we recommend fitting more aggressively treaded, but narrower tires instead. Free shipping on orders of $99 or more (U.S. only). You've been subscribed to our newsletter. The Spark 910 comes fitted with a The plush rear suspension is of little help here, despite sensitively absorbing small bumps and offering good support. As subtle as it might sound, the cockpit switch-up has resulted in a noticeably more aggressive riding position that feels particularly powerful on the climbs. Stability is a combination of balanced geometry, good suspension and the right spec., This is all about how balanced the bike is and particularly about how well it corners. Horst Link type suspension is new for 2018. The Spark frame comfortably accommodates these new-school 2.4in tyres, with plenty of mud room through the compact swingarm. Weve been testing the stealthy Spark 910 for the past six months, which has impressed us with its new-school geometry, supple suspension and clever TwinLoc system. The low bottom bracket ensures that the rider feels very integrated with the bike. Electronic fantasies aside, it is worth noting that you dont have to run the TwinLoc remote or the Nude shock on the Genius. Perhaps that just serves to reiterate how bloody light the old bike was. The suspension continues to be remote-controlled via the updated TwinLoc handlebar remote. The bumps may consist of solder alloy, polymer, pure indium or gold alloy and range in size from 1 mil on 1 mil centers to 10 mil on 10 mil centers.

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