He was an inspirational figure for all who knew him. I remember this tragedy when it happened, but seeing the movie depiction was really something. He did not return. It seems to me that any finger pointing at all, at anyone, is pointless and counterproductive. Some people found his character and his methodical approach a little too serious in some ways until they got to know him a bit better and then they realized that, yeah sure, Rob was all business when it came to organizing things, but he liked to let loose when all was done, everything was completed the way it should have been. After a brief celebratory stay at the top, he headed back down with Rob. She had a variety of titanium things, because she could not carry quite the same weight physically. Kent Washington, the Seattle metro area city where Doug Hansen was employed as a postal worker. And the numbers have shifted since your response and no longer bolster your rationalization. Outside the eight paying clients, there were also three guides, two of whom perished in a blinding blizzard that struck the summit on May 10th. I appreciate you dropping in with the nice words. Jan 2012 - Dec 20121 year. The movie made me think that Doug Hansen and Beck Weathers played a small role in the tragedies on the Mountain that day(s) but that Rob Moore was mostly to blame because Rob Moore should have rejected Doug Hansen's and Beck Weathers pleas to continue climbing and he should have turned them around and made them go down instead. People loved him because he was genuine. Click For Full Schedule. wgbh. It was only after I went to see the movie that I found out about Doug, and thought it was cool that a postal worker made it to the top, even though he didn't make it back down again. View the profiles of people named Doug Hansen. Summit Physician Specialist, +7 more Utah State University He found both alive, but barely responsive and severely frostbitten, and in no condition to move. If it wasnt for Dougs stupidity, 4 people would have been alive now. He loved to run steps and so did I. All of the climbers then at Camp IV were exhausted and unable to reach Namba and Weathers. I guess you can't appreciate life any better than when staring down a sheer precipice at the top of a mountain. Great piece of writing Mel. Norm Snead of the New York Giants hands off to Doug Kotar as Don Hansen of the Atlanta Falcons defends during the game at Yale Bowl on October 6,. [6] In 2014, Lou Kasischke, also of Hall's expedition, published his own account in After the Wind: 1996 Everest Tragedy, One Survivor's Story. Mel Carriere (author) from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on November 10, 2015: I don't agree Scott. Frank Fischbeck (53)a - attempted Everest three times, reached the South Summit in '94 Doug Hansen (46) - attempted Everest with Hall's team in '95 (died on the South Summit) . Beck Weathers: Andy may have lacked Himalayan experience, but he did have a lot of experience in New Zealand. Doug Hansen is absolutely responsible for the death of Rob. join the discussion. Blaming Doug is ridiculous when you take into account, not only his lack of experience climbing let alone with 8000ers.but also his current state at the time, hypoxic. I remembered how sad I was when had learned about the accident. A rivalry between Hall and Fischer, who were both incentivized to get their clients to the summit. Apparently he had some frostbite in '95 and he thought he had a system all worked out for batteries for his boots that was going to keep his feet warm. My particular physiology, my years of high-altitude climbing, my discipline, the commitment I make to proper acclimatization, and the knowledge I have of my own capacities have always made me comfortable with this choice. But tragic ending after the successful climb is much depressing. He does point out, however, that climbing Everest has always been a highly dangerous endeavor, even before the guided tours, with one fatality for every four climbers who reach the summit. Others, including Doug Hansen and Makalu Gau, reached the summit even later. Hansen, who owns Hansen Mountaineering and has already attempted to reach the 29,028-foot summit once, said he's getting calls from all across . Then again, I've never carried mail at 29,028 feet so how do I know. Unfortunately, in this case there were tragic results. It's very difficult to turn someone around high on the mountain. He was a few minutes behind schedule, but I forgave him. The Sherpas listed above were the climbing Sherpas hired by Rob Hall's Adventure Consultants. I appreciate your nice words. I put it up there to reinforce the notion that nobody really was to blame. Hutchison, Kasischke, and Taske returned towards Camp IV as they feared they would run out of supplementary oxygen due to the delays. Though it's not clear whether the guides would have been effective had they stuck to the deadline. It was recording the climb of another team 10 years after that tragedy, and their leader, - had the best weather forecast money can buy, - stationed at base camp to keep his mind clear and give the right directives to climbers. A guide for Adventure Consultants and helicopter skiing guide in the winter, Harris was making his first Everest summit attempt with the 1996 expedition. dvd & transcript. The South face of Everest, the side climbed by Doug Hansen as a member of Rob Hall's Adventure Consultants team. Hope you never serve on a jury. If he was telling everyone, including Rob Moore, that he could not proceed and Rob Moore really "hauled" Doug Hansen to the summit then I think that it is solely Rob Moore's fault that Doug Hansen and Rob Moore died. I enjoyed your insights into Doug Hansen's life and the ill fated climb. ;). lindsey williams car accident. I would imagine that this was the end of the tour guide business due to this disaster. Known as the "mailman" due to his profession, Hansen was part of Rob Hall's Adventure Consultants team, which aimed to summit Everest during the 1996 climbing season. Rob Hall's own collusion in hauling Doug's worn-out carcass to the top of the peak is glossed over, and the Kiwi climber comes across looking like the heroic guide that stayed and died with his clients despite their belligerence and stupidity. He was exhausted from the ascent and becoming increasingly ill, possibly suffering from HAPE, HACE, or a combination of both. Work. Dana Tate, despite the ending I think Doug Hansen is a great story. And Rob would have everything organized; he'd be sort of making sure everything was going well. I appreciate you dropping by. Mel Carriere (author) from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on September 13, 2018: You are welcome Donna. In addition to the members of the Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness teams, Mike Trueman, who coordinated the rescue from Base Camp, contributed The Storms: Adventure and Tragedy on Everest (2015). Have to say, nothing on earth would get me climbing big mountains in bad weather. Journalist Jon Krakauer, on assignment from Outside magazine and on the Adventure Consultants team, published Into Thin Air (1997)[3] which became a bestseller. Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on November 04, 2015: I was familiar with this ill fated expedition. [14], Boukreev recorded that he reached Camp IV by 17:00. Mountain Climbing Image result for Everest Disaster Doug Hansen Body Bing 609k followers More information Image result for Everest Disaster Doug Hansen Body Mountain Climbing Mountain Biking Rob Hall Everest Mountain Monte Everest Outside Magazine Pregnant Wife Survival Skills Survival Food More information . And infuriating when they just dont get it right. If a client sees that the summit is close and they're dead-set on getting there, they're going to laugh in your face and keep going.[32]. [17] When Hall arrived at the scene, the Sherpas offered to take Hansen to the summit, but Hall sent the Sherpas down to assist the other clients, and instructed them to stash oxygen canisters on the route. It must be surreal reading articles after article about your father. Since oxygen at the summit of Mt. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal records. He was one of a small number of climbers to summit the two highest peaks on earth: K2 and Everest. FRONTLINE reports from Iraq on the miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS. The postal worker at last accepted, hoping that he could finally get the Everest monkey off his back. Seems like most of the fatalities on Everest occur on the descent. I knew a little about him from 'Into Thin Air' and also the movie but never picked up the fact that he was from near Seattle until I read the plaque on the bench. The owner and leader of Mountain Madness, Fischer was guiding Everest for the first time on the 1996 expedition. But because of high climber traffic at the base of the Hillary step, where a delay occurred because fixed ropes had to be installed after Sherpas assisting the expedition failed to put them up, by 2 PM, very few climbers had reached the top. Lana Adler from California on November 04, 2015: Great article Mel. And, Scott Fischer was comfortable with that choice as well. The following is a list of the other fatalities during the spring 1996 climbing season on Everest. [26] They did, however, bring her back his wedding band. Sorry! He had the experience of the mountain the year before; he'd gotten within 300 feet of the summit. Day 1. Peace out! Beck Weathers: So many of my images of Rob have to do with the humor of the man. Insufficient stores of oxygen, forcing guides and rescue teams to carry bottles up to stranded climbers as the storm approached. [16][pageneeded] At 15:00, snow started to fall, and the light was diminishing. Mel Carriere (author) from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on November 24, 2015: Thank you Lawrence. Thanks for reading! Sherpas left Makalu Gau (at 8,230m or 27,000ft by Gau's account[23]) with Fischer and Lopsang when Gau, too, became unable to proceed. I have a few mailman short stories with a character loosely based upon myself, and this same character is the main character in a novel I am trying to write. The leader is the brain of expedition. He will be remembered as a solid, supportive, friendly companion who didn't back down from one of the most daunting challenges that face mankind - to summit the world's highest mountain while braving blizzards, ice avalanches, and potential death from plunging down deadly, dizzying rock faces; all while under the physical duress brought about by scanty oxygen above 25,000 feet. "Mount Everest as seen from Drukair2 PLW edit" by Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2.jpg: shrimpo1967derivative work: Papa Lima Whiskey 2 (talk) - Th. interactive map. live chat with producer david breashears. He also was really strong; he was a guy who was willing. I had an uncle named Doug Hansen, who worked as a technician and linesman for our phone company (then called the PMG "Post Master General's Department"..now Telstra) The phone and mail companies were run by the same government department. I hope that this article and a few of the comments from people who knew him were able to add to your knowledge about Doug. Doug climbed the highest mountains in the world. Jun 7, 2015 Tweet The trailer for the upcoming movie Everest features Doug Hansen. Thanks for reading! Guy Cotter: Rob had a very dry, laconic sense of humor. The one-day pre-conference workshops will be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2022. As expected, Hollywood takes some liberties, but it is a good entry-level lesson for those wishing to learn more about this ill-fated ascent. By the way, I live in Kent too, and I planted white flowers next to Dougs memorial on photo. "Mount Everest as seen from Drukair2 PLW edit" by Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2.jpg: shrimpo1967derivative work: Papa Lima Whiskey 2 (talk) - Th Doug Hansen Featurette From the Movie "Everest" Comments It has a very huge impact on who I am today, meeting him. I meant no disrespect with the poll. The 10th of May was another co-incidence as that was the birthdate of my Doug Hansen's son Tom (my cousin). the survivors' stories. I so wish they had all survived. Please don't worry too much. After this time, Krakauer noted that the weather did not look so benign. I look forward to more installments in this series, this was very interesting to read. We used to like to talk about different things that we would do to stay fit. Everest - Official Trailer (HD) Watch on Related Items Everest movie trailer video Previous Story VIDEO: Chicago Gangs Battle Near Post Office Laborer at Concrete Repair Specialist. I was flattered and flabbergasted to see Doug's family check in! ". Some people will achieve their goals and/or die trying. blog: everest summit attempt. One of the reasons I wrote this was to exxonerate the participants. She just didn't have the body power. Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on November 04, 2015: Great read Mel. And he clearly, early on, looked to be one of the favored to get there. He really went back and just kept cranking, trying to save him. Staff photo by Doug Jones -- Tuesday, October 31, 2006: Brunswick's Hansen Mason, #3. Most climbing Sherpas' duties require them to ascend at least as high as Camp III or IV, but not all of them summit. Several climbers (e.g. As Krakauer reports, "a brief conversation ensued. He is my brother. Second they were way past the 2pm turnaround time. Scott Fischer/Woodfin - From Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer, On May 10th, 1996, the day of the final ascent, Doug Hansen did not appear to be in good physical condition. [22], The worsening weather began causing difficulties for the descending team members. In fact-checking the Everest movie, we learned of the unidentified corpse known as Green Boots (pictured below), who is . [31] In addition, he wrote that the competition between Hall and Fischer's guiding companies may have led to Hall's decision not to turn back on 10 May after the summiting deadline of 14:00. Thanks for reading. I was in the Califnoria wildfire last year that wiped my town of Paradise off the map. Happened to come across this article again. If you want to know exactly what happened, read the book called Climb by anatoli boukreev. It's an interesting write-up and I enjoyed learning a little more about Doug. Doug Hansen murdered Rob Hall is so much b. View FREE Public Profile & Reputation for Douglas Hansen in Lees Summit, MO - See Court Records | Photos | Address, Email & Phone Number | Personal Review | $100 - $149,999 Income & Net Worth. Hall had also brokered a deal with Outside magazine for advertising space in exchange for a story about the growing popularity of commercial expeditions to Everest. Thank you Mel for your thoughtful and well articulated reply. [24], Near midnight, the blizzard cleared sufficiently for the team to see Camp IV, some 200m (660ft) away. Thankfully, there are plenty of photos of the real Everest disaster to tell us what it was like on the mountain that day. Three officers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police also died. A movie review is beyond the scope of this article, but having read Jon Krakauer's book after the film, I believe Everest is an accurate depiction of what went on at and beneath the summit of Mt. Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on November 04, 2015: Thanks for sharing the information about a person that I've never heard of before. I suspected he must have been a clerk or mail handler, even though the movie portrays him as a "mailman," which is why I put it in quotes. ISIS' growing foothold in Afghanistan is captured on film. More information Mountain climbing, especially Everest, intrigues me. Andy ultimately proved that he had the kind of character, and what it took, to be a superb guide. The guide found it impossible to get his client down the face of the steep Hillary step and refused to leave him there alone. He was a true legend and the hero that saved many lives on the ill fated day. We were a dynamic duo. The story is very interesting and sad at the same time. Thanks for reading! His body was found on 23 May by Ed Viesturs and fellow mountaineers from the IMAX expedition, but was left there as requested by his wife, who said she thought he was "where he'd liked to have stayed". Mel Carriere (author) from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on April 20, 2019: Angie you knew your Father so whatever opinions people have of him should bounce off of you. Finding any specific details on the Internet about Doug's pre-Everest life has been extremely difficult, however, as he seems to have vanished into semi-obscurity.

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